Solar Electric Firestarter Bundle *Windproof, Waterproof, and Solar Rechargeable

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Traveler Camper Solar Electric Firestarter Bundle

"A NEW way to start a fire in any environment that's as reliable as the sun"

Want a quick and reliable way to start a fire even while soaking wet?..

We both know how important a fire is to thriving in any outdoor situation.

Without a steadily blazing fire you can expect:

  • Missing out on mouth watering and soul soothing cooked fish and game. Raw jerky anyone?
  • Less protection from sneaky predators who would love nothing more than to catch you slipping in the dark unsuspecting
  • You'll never be 100% certain that the water you're drinking won’t have you spewing your guts from infectious diseases and parasites. Trust filtering water at your own risk
  • Why suffer being weighed down with wet clothes dampening your mood?
  • You'll be vulnerable to piercing frost bite and Hypothermia
  • You'll have no way to light a torch so you can navigate at night
  • Forget about heating stones as bed warmers
  • Panicking when you don't have a good way to signal for help and things are taking a turn for the worst…

You get the point.

So theres the old way of starting a fire..

  • Packing a nest of tinder
  • Grinding your hands raw twisting a stick until you get a spark
  • Hoping you can sustain it enough to get a steady flame

Time wasted and precious energy spent.

Frustrated starting fire

Not for Traveler Campers.


Spark. Light. Sustain.

 Roasting marshmallows with solar gear

It’s almost too easy once you discover probably one of the “Most Quick and Reliable Methods” for starting a fire outdoors.

Remember your average match and fire starter methods won’t help you in wet and windy conditions.

Not without more struggle than is necessary.

Being savvy is what separates the thriving camper survivors from the butt hurt and frustrated.

 Enjoying a camp fire from solar gear

You’re nature savvy and no doubt a smart and prepared outdoor enthusiast..

Once you put this Solar FireStarter Bundle to work you’ll never even consider the other time consuming and risky methods.

Think to yourself what it be like to have a way to start a fire that’s “as reliable as the sun”

 You can enjoy your trip resting knowing that..

  • You can start a fire even when it’s rainy or sunny
  • You'll never have to worry about refueling or buying a box of matches
  • You can light a fire in 2 seconds
  • You'll be well prepared whenever you want to go camping, backpacking, hiking
  • You're the most prepared 
  • You you will never run out of fuel unlike a regular butane lighter
  • You can rely on rugged and durable stainless steel that will last you over 5 to 10 years
  • You can still start a fire even in freezing Winter conditions
  • You be equipped with the perfect tools for back up and everyday use especially when matches aren’t available
  • Plus each tool is designed to be used in different outdoor environments

Not to mention an absolute must have in any serious survival tool kit.


What's Included:

- TC Outdoor Waterproof USB Solar Power Bank

- Quick Ignite USB Rechargeable Electric Lighter

- High Efficiency Water Resistant Outdoor Solar Panel 

- Solar Fire Starter

Oh and each bundle comes with a FREE “Camping Guide to Tinder” and an extra "Solar Fire Starter"!

 Portabel Solar Firestarter

This is a no brainer for anyone who wants to get the most out of their outdoor experience.

Get yours today while they're still in stock.
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