Why Campers are Replacing Their Lighters to Save The Environment?

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Why Campers are Replacing Their Lighters to Save The Environment?

Why Campers are Replacing Their Lighters to Save the Environment?


Here's an in depth guide with everything you need to know about electronic lighters including why they're better than your old lighter and why campers are adopting them in droves to save the environment.

Table of Contents:

  • What Is an Electric Plasma Lighter?
  • 9 Uses For Any Traveler Camper
  • 10 Real Reasons to Choose an Electric Plasma Lighter
  • Plasma Lighter Outdoor Tests and Demonstrations
  • Closing Thoughts

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What is an Electric Plasma Lighter?

Known as an “Electronic Plasma Lighter” or “Electric Arc Lighter”, an electric lighter uses either two or four electrodes (referred to as single or dual arc) to generate 2 plasma beams. After flipping the cap, you ignite the plasma initially by pressing a button and then the plasma beam is maintained using a lower voltage.

Intuitively, a dual arc lighter will have twice the power of a single arc lighter. However, a single arc lighter will be more energy efficient per se than a double arc one.
Both dual and single arc electronic lighters are rechargeable via USB. You can expect a full charge within 1-2 hours depending on the lighter. A fully charged lighter will be good for 200-300 sparks before having to recharge it.

Electric lighters are also completely windproof, waterproof, and usb rechargeable. This makes them convenient and reliable for any outdoor adventure especially a camping trip. Unlike regular plastic lighters, an electronic lighter will work in just about any circumstance. The protective lid makes sure that when closed, there won't be any accidental sparks.


9 Uses For Any Traveler Campers

Here is a quick list of 9 things you can do with a plasma arc pocket lighter.

  1. Light any tinder
  2. Light any cigarette or cigar
  3. Light a lantern
  4. Burn Paracord Ends
  5. Light Magnesium (light with caution)
  6. Light Wet Fire
  7. Heat Shrink Tubing
  8. Perfect addition to any Bug Out Bag
  9. Light mosquito candles


10 Reasons to Choose an Electric Plasma Lighter Over a Regular Lighter?

 1. Less Plastic Waste

“Disposable plastic lighters are one of the most common marine debris found in our oceans. By replacing your disposable lighter for a rechargeable electric lighter you prevent plastic waste because you can reuse this lighter over and over again.” – Recycling.com

2. Animal Friendly

“It’s a sight that one perhaps wishes to have never seen, and certainly never forgets: the carcass of a Laysan Albatross, its stomach filled with disposable lighters…” – Bird-rescue.org

Plastic lighter pollute birds


By adopting non-plastic rechargeable lighters you’ll also keep plastic lighters out of the stomachs of birds such as the Dodo bird or the Albatross.

3. Eco Friendly

Not only are there less plastic lighters lying around that could potentially end up being swallowed by animals, but no gas or harsh chemicals are being released into the air. Since the lighter is electronic, we no longer have to worry about ozone damaging fumes from butane and other lighter fluids.

4. Windproof

Electronic Plasma lighters are windproof which makes lighting tinder or candles outdoors a breeze (pun intended).

5. Waterproof

Even though you may expect an electronic device to be vulnerable to water, electric plasma lighters are waterproof and will give you a consistent heat output even after getting wet. This gives them a leg up over any match or flint.



6. USB Rechargeable

As already mentioned electronic lighters are usb rechargeable. This means that you can easily charge them right with your other devices without having to go out and get another charger.



For those who love the outdoors we’d suggest that you also have a solar powered charger handy so that you can take advantage of renewable energy and score double points for the environment!

7. More Reliable

Electronic lighters are made from stainless steel so that they not only are more durable than a plastic lighter or matches, but they also don’t need to be refilled. This makes them a reliable way to spark a flame when you need to. Also, because electric lighters use plasma as their heat source, you can count on a consistently hot 900C plasma arc output.

8. Cost Effective

Think of the cost effectiveness in not having to constantly buy lighter fluid or a disposable lighter? Electronic lighters use a lithium ion battery which can potentially last you for years (lithium ion batteries can be recharged 500 times which equate to over ten thousand sparks).

9. Safe

When the cap is on you don’t have to worry about accidentally starting a fire in your pocket. This cap also serves as a child lock making it less easy for them to spark a flame and hurt themselves. Because there’s no flame, you don’t have to worry about accidentally stating a fire or burning facial hair. Some even come with an on/off switch at the bottom of the lighter to further prevent accidental fires.

10. Stylish

Sleek and compact, these minimalist lighters fit easily in your pocket and have a modern elegance about them when you pull yours out. They also come with different engravings and designs to match your style. Plus, is it not cool to display a plasma beam with just the press of a button.


 How plasma lighter help reduce plastic waste                  9 reasons campers are using electronic lighters


Plasma Lighter Outdoor Tests and Demonstrations:

Closing Thoughts

Now is the time to save money and the environment by ditching your old disposable lighters an taking advantage of an electric plasma pocket lighter especially before your next outdoor adventure or camping trip.

Why spend money on disposable lighters that harm the environment when electric plasma lighters are more eco-friendly, economical, and more stylish at that?

Pick one that matches your style today.



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