Traveler Camper Guide: Urban Survival

Posted by Daniel Collins on

How to Survive in an Urban Environment When SHTF

The city is an interesting and ever-changing place. Full of different people and new developments, you never truly know what to expect. While this can make for a great travel destination, but in the case of survival the city can be a very an exceptionally dangerous place. And let's face it, nowadays the majority of the world we live in is now an urban city environment. So when the time comes to survive the lack of nature and abundance of people density will make things exceptionally hard when it comes to survival.

How do you plan for this?

Like the age old wisdom says, make sure you bases are covered. All you really need to start with is survival resources, a proper shelter, and a kit of multi- purpose tools to cover you when the unexpected presents itself.

This kit shouldn't be complicated and difficult to make. It must be simple and yet effective in a pinch hen you don't have time to struggle over what to pack. 

We'd like to bring you a video that goes into more detail about how you can make the perfect urban survival kit.

Here’s the full tutorial:


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