6 Situations You Wished You Had A Multitool

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6 Situations You Wished You Had A Multitool

6 Situations You Wished You Had A Multitool

Camping Gear Multitools  EDC tools

Have you ever heard the term EDC? It stands for Every Day Carry and is a collective noun for items you carry with you everyday. A lot of campers know that it's very important to pack all the essential tools they might need during a trip. Knife, hammer, pliers, screwdriver, and the list could go on. But how can you pack everything you need without making your bags heavy? The answer is multitools.  With a multi tool, you can replace 5+ tools with just one. These multi tools are compact, small and lightweight and because of these they are excellent additions to your EDC/camping kit (if you don't already have one!)

Types of Multitools

There are different types of multi tools depending on what you need. We'll walk you through them, so you can choose the most suitable for your trip!

1. Folding Multi tools

EDc tools camping multitools

Imagine having to remember to carry around a pack of tools, knives, and tinder or else risking not being able to start a fire or fix a broken tent. Weighed down, losing energy that should be spent enjoying your trip, and not to mention having to endure those skeptical and anxious glares from your travel mates. People admire someone who knows what to do and is always prepared. Now with a multi tool you can have the power of 7 tools all  in one!  And it attaches to your belt making sure that you'll never forget and will always have what you need handy immediately when something breaks. There's a lot of relief in knowing you're prepared. Don't be caught with your pants down should you find yourself in a crisis! These folding multi tools will save you from carrying numerous heavy tools in your bag! They include a small knife, a bigger blade, a screwdriver, a can opener, pliers, a wire cutter, a file, an awl, and more. They are perfect for solving unexpected or emergency situations and will no doubt handy on every camping trip!

2. Keychain Multitools

EDC tools camping gear multitools

You are sitting around the campfire with your friends, telling jokes and having a good time. You guys bought a six pack to drink but have nothing to open it? With this miniature version of folding multi tool you can solve anything! And it!s so small that you can attach it to your key chain and have it in your pocket or bag all the time!

Click on the link to buy our Traveler Camper Outdoor EDC Tactical Stainless Steel Folding Multitool that has 4 tools built in it: flat-nose pliers, Philips screwdriver, can opener, pocket knife. In addition, it has a key chain clamp as well!

20 in 1 EDC Tool Keychain Gadget Camping Multitool

Another type of key chain multi tool is our 20 in 1 EDC Keychain Gadget or our EDC Stainless Steel Multi-Function Carabiner Keychain. They are just as small and look like a keychain.


Our  20 in 1 EDC Keychain Gadget has 20 different tools built inside it. For example, it has a measuring ruler, wire stripper, bottle opener, box opener, small Philips screwdriver, razor sharp cutting blade, and many more!

EDC Stainless Steel Multi- Function Carabiner Keychain

EDC Stainless Steel Multi- Function Carabiner Keychain looks just like a regular key chain, but can do so much more! It can function as a carbine, flat screwdriver or a wrench!

EDC Stainless Steel Multi- Function Carabiner Keychain is available at our web shop!


3. Pocket Multi tools

91mm Folding Swiss Multi Tool for Camping, Hiking, and Survival

You're fishing and need to cut your rope? Your nails broke and you need something to file it with? Have you ever heard of a Swiss-knife? These are the original pocket multi tools. It can have more than 30 tools built in it without being as big or bulky as a folding tool. You can easily put it in your pocket without anyone noticing it.

Our Swiss Survival Folding Knife Multi Tool comes in red and black color!


4. Specialty Multitools

Transformers EDC Tool Paracord Bracelet Multitool

What do you do when you're out fishing but your fishing rope brakes? Or if you cut yourself and need to stop the bleeding? You can use this Transformers EDC Paracord Bracelet as a fishing rope or do a makeshift tourniquet with it!

Our Transformers EDC Paracord Bracelet is a multifunctional bracelet which you can use as a knife or as a multifunctional para cord. 

Traveler Camper Portable EDC Waterproof Multi-tool LED Flashlight & Tactical Knife Pen

Our Traveler Camper Portable EDC Waterproof Multi-tool LED Flashlight & Tactical Knife Pen functions as a knife, flashlight, and tactical blunt point hammer. It's as small as a pen, rainproof, shock resistant and can fit in any pocket.  


5.One-piece Multitools

EDC One Piece Multitool

These are one of the smallest, least-compact multi tools you can find out there. They are usually a piece of metal carved out in a way so that it can serve as 3-4 tools. Usually, it has a Flathead screwdriver that you can use as prying as well, a bottle opener, and a wrench cutout in the middle. 

Thanks to its small size you can put it on your key chain or in your pocket as well. 

6. Wallet Multi tools

EDC tool Wallet Multitool

You are hanging out with your friends and need to open a bottle or cut something but you don't have anything just your wallet? This multi tool is so thin that it can fit in your wallet without a problem. It usually includes several cutout wrenches, a ruler, a bottle opener, and a blade. 

If you don't want to carry your multi tool in your pocket, this is one of the best ways to always have something handy with you!

What can you use it for?

1. Cooking

You are preparing to set up a campfire but can't find the right sized sticks? Or maybe all the wood you can find is wet because of the rain before? 

Using the knife or blade of your multi tool, you can cut branches into smaller sticks and peel/cut the outer wet parts of the wood.

You can also use the pliers instead of thongs to flip or hold that sausage on your campfire grill. 

2. Setting up your tent

A Folding multi tool or any other multi tool that has enough surface can also function as a hammer to drive your tent stakes into the ground. The pliers function of your multi tool can also be handy when pulling out the stakes!

3. First Aid

You can use the para cord of our Transformers EDC Paracord Bracelet as a tourniquet. You can also use multi tools for cutting textile to use as a bandage, or to pull out splinters.

4. Fishing

Once again, our Transformers EDC Paracord Bracelet can be used as a fishing line or you can use the wallet multi tool for measuring your catch!

Final thoughts

As you can see, multi tools are a must have if you are going camping! You never know what mother nature holds for you, and as the saying goes, "better safe than sorry!"


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