Traveler Camper Guide: How To Make A Proper Bug Out Bag

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How To Make A Proper Bug Out Bag

If disaster strikes and you aren't prepared, you'll likely run to the woods to forge your safe spot. Unfortunately, that’s more likely of a scenario than we like to think. While having everything prepped and ready in your home is never a bad idea, there’s still a possibility that your location ma become compromised.

With this in mind, it’s often important to have backups plans. (this is the essence of survival prepping) Naturally the best way to do this is to create a bug out bag. There aren't many strategies survival more simple and effective than bugging out.

When in the wild and on your own things can be harsh and unforgiving. The best bug out bag will have you prepared an environment with limited resources. You must also account for the limited space available in a portable bug out bag. Only the essential will make it when you have to move quickly from location to location. With proper planning, you and your loved ones can be safe and prepared when SHTF. 

To help you figure out what your bug out bag needs and what a proper setup looks like, here’s a great tutorial!





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