Traveler Camper Guide: DIY Home Security System

Posted by David Doleman on

How to Make Your Own DIY Home Security System

In any disaster situation, one of your first priorities should be to set up security and protection around your shelter. Keeping threats and intruders away may one day very well be the difference between slaughter or capture and survival.

However, it’s pretty likely that you’ll be somewhere without electricity. So it's safe to say that you won't be able to rely on an electronic home security system. You need an alternative that requires little or no electricity, and can be set up easily on the fly. 

Now making your own DIY security doesn't have to be impossible or expensive ( neither of those characteristics make for a good survival method) A secure home protection system can be made out of common and cheap items you likely can find almost anywhere.

Here's a system that will alert you to any intruders. This system is easy to make and will be broken down in this video. 

Here’s the full tutorial:


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