The Ultimate Guide To Bug Out Bag Essentials

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The Ultimate Guide To Bug Out Bag Essentials

Preparation is the key to having a successful trip outdoors. One might wonder whether we’re talking about a near trip to the supermarket but what we’re actually trying to prepare you for is the true outdoors – NATURE. You can never be too safe since you never know what might happen in this dangerous and risk filled world, so it’s better to always be prepared for every situation firsthand. If all normal and day to day things are cut off, and you can’t use them, you’d be at the mercy of nature. You need to have the right tools to survive.

You need to know what to do and be aware of all the dangers you might face, and having the right tools can be a huge help. It won’t matter if you know what steps to take when you face a particular risk if you don’t have the right gear for the task. Knowing where to go and what tools to use is essential. There are many instances when a bug out bag can come in use. It can be for various disasters or other instances when you may need to leave home and live outside under dire events.

However, many widely acclaimed survival experts recommend it on a high priority that you should have a bug out bag with you in the case of such a disaster. This bag should be filled with the necessary equipment to help you in different circumstances and survive in extreme situations. There are many instances where these items can come in use. You need to prepare yourself accordingly. Just like tools are essential, it’s also crucial that you know how to handle each circumstance. The key is to have survival skills. So, always be prepared.

These are some of the most common and necessary things you need..

You need a tent and it should come as no surprise that this is first on the list as it has so many benefits. A tent is a must have in such a time. It can protect you from various weather conditions and give you shelter from all outdoor elements.

You need products that can protect you from the sun. Sunscreen is more important than you think, so don’t forget to take it along. Walking all day in the sun can be dangerous if you don’t take special measures against it.

Coming face to face with a bear or any other dangerous animal is very much a possibility when it comes to being out in the wilderness. This can be life-threatening if you don’t do anything for your safety. Make sure you have things that can save you in the case of such an encounter such as bear sprays or deterrents.

It can be a nightmare come through if you’re out in the cold weather and there’s no warmth to be found. Hand and foot warmers are essential if you want to avoid freezing to death.

Make sure to take one or two bottles of insect repellent along to spray your tent and ensure a good night’s sleep without the disturbance of intruding creepy crawlers. These will also save you from bites from such insects as well.

Tactical Bug Out Bag

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about the contents of the actual backpack.

What is the best backpack?

In tactical survival, the main focus and priority is on immediate evacuation and survival. A bug-out bag is used in tactical survival and tactical survival also includes an aviation or a boating emergency kit.

What goes in a Three-day survival pack?

  • Enough food and water for 72 hours
  • Vitamin
  • A first aid kit
  • Necessary clothes
  • Fire-starters
  • Maps and travel information
  • Camping equipment
  • Bedding items
  • Medical records
  • Battery radio
  • Flashlight, glow sticks
  • Portable solar Charger
  • Cash and change
  • Insurance information
  • Birth certificate or passport.
  • Blade and Knife
  • Duct tape and rope
  • Containers
  • Wire
  • Animal traps
  • Compass
  • Firearms, license, and ammunition
  • Hunting equipment
  • Signal mirror
  • Whistle
  • Rubber
  • Medicine
  • Trash bags
  • Aluminum foil
  • Glue
  • Hatchet
  • Pepper Spray
  • Folding Saw
  • Hygiene products

If you have all of these items, then you have the best bug out bag and the best survival kit money can buy.

How long should a bug out bag last?

A standard bug out bag should have items to last you for at least seventy-two hours. It should be strong and durable, should have excellent storage capacity and be affordable but valuable. This makes it the ultimate survival kit bug out bag.

Tactical Survival Gear

1. Survival tactical gear pants

You should always go for pants with breathable fabric that allow your skin to feel air rather than choose fashion over quality. These pants should be easy to wear.

It should also allow you quick and easy access to your necessary items such as keys or flashlight. Your pants should also have several pockets, and the fabric should be difficult to tear.

2. Tactical survival backpack

Your tactical survival kit backpack should have strong and durable heavy-duty zippers. The lining and pockets should be coated for water repellency. It should be easy to carry around and have adjustable straps for comfort. It should also have additional pockets to store necessities. This makes the best survival kit in the world.

3. Tactical survival knife

This is a knife that’s been specifically built for military use and has special military features that are built and designed in such a way that they’re perfect for extreme circumstances. These knives can be used to fight and for defending yourself. You should always keep one of these on you

What Supplies Do You Need For Survival?

Now, that you know that survival gear is important, the question is what supplies do you need that are essential for going out and taking on the different forces of the wilderness.

You need signal devices such as a light stick, a mirror, and a whistle to avoid getting lost.

You need some packs of waterproof matches and a good spark wheel for starting fires when you require them.

Containers for food and water.

A durable and robust flashlight is critically essential to prevent losing your way in the dark.

A knife is also highly important for cutting, ripping and opening things. You may also need a small ax to chop off wood for bonfires.

It’s no rocket science to figure out that you need a compass to set you back on track in case you stray off the right path.

And finally an emergency blanket and a sleeping bag are must-haves for staying warm and comfortable in the night and for protection from the outdoor elements.

Hope this article was helpful for you!


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