A Beginners Introduction To Vanlife

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A Beginners Introduction To Vanlife

What is Vanlife?

Vanlife. A romantic image, where freedom is expressed daily. Life in van: what is really behind this alternative way of life. Why does it feel like a dream? Who are the vanlifers and what is the vanlife? We will try to answer all these questions with this post.

It would be impossible to talk about vanlife, without addressing the sense of freedom that accompanies it. According to us, there is all the interest of this mode of camping: to combine housing in difficult yet comfortable circumstances, with immersion in nature.

The vanlifer is both a traveler and a camper

The gist behind a vanlife is to be free to move according to your desires. Be free to sleep every night in a different place. To be free to wake up at the seaside. To be free to be nomadic. Free to get out of a sedentary routine in which one does not feel fully fulfilled.

In short: to be free to trace one's own path.

Of course, ask different vanlifers, they will give you all a different definition! It will be closely linked to the personality of each individual, and his way of exploring the world.

For us, what does vanlife really represent? The answer is without a doubt a state of mind.

A state of mind of openness and return to simple things.

Set out on a journey with just things that make sense. To talk about vanlife is a bit like talking about minimalism. We only keep what we really need. The space inside is much too small for one to clutter with superficial material objects or personal luggage.

 4 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Vanlife

The van journey raises questions as much as it fascinates. More and more people are opting for this way of traveling, or even of living. So why travel in van? And not on a bike? In a motor home? Or a plane? Discover in this article why we chose to travel the roads in van.

1. Freedom

This is the most important reason for us. We can do what we want. When we want. Without having any schedules to follow. Neither people to meet or talk to. We take the wheel and if we want to ride all night we can! Simply magical!

This is what convinces us most to opt for this type of "life" and especially means of travel. No need to book a hotel and plan everything in advance. Free as the air we move as we see fit. This is certainly the aspect that attracts the most in this way of traveling. More than just a means of transport, the van is a lifestyle, a philosophy that its followers share more or less in the same way. Whether it is the quest for freedom, the desire for a simpler life in the material sense or a return to the essential it is something that instills independence into you.

2. Comfort

This will seem almost ridiculous for some, but for us it is real comfortable in the van, compared to a travel tent or even a hotel. It's simple, we have everything with us, everything we need follows us everywhere! Our house is with us 24 hours, and that's simply great.

We sleep in a real bed, certainly a little smaller than our apartment, but very comfortable anyway. We can eat, sleep, and watch a movie, wash or bath. We learn to use only basic necessities, without losing the minimum comfort essential to our well-being.

We learn to use only basic, without losing the minimum comfort essential to our well-being.

3. The cost

This is not our motivation first but it is true that while traveling in van we still make great savings. No accommodation to pay, we cook ourselves etc. Gasoline is our only expense when we travel in a van. The only thing that remains is the tolls.

A life in van speaks of nothing but minimalism, where we quickly eliminate the superfluous, because we have little place to carry any accessories. This gives way for massive savings! We are not stingy, not at all, but these savings allow us to travel longer, or to afford small extras (sporting activity, visits etc).

4. The adventure

It must be admitted, traveling in van is quite a bit of adventure! We often have to improvise, imagine solutions, and when we are totally new, we really have to make our imagination work. Find where to sleep, shop, go to the bathroom, wash, where to park, among other things! All these questions that must be answered almost daily when you travel in van, which are so simple in a daily rather conventional we say. But that's really part of the adventure, and that's what gets us out of our apartment / home routine. The need to live things differently, to open a new eye on the everyday and to realize what makes us happy for real.


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